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"YC Visuals are great at understanding project briefs quickly and translating them into exceptional custom made artwork across a variety of mediums."

- JUN AIZAKI, Owner & Principal, CRÉME Architecture & Design

Hyatt Centric - Philadelphia

The Hyatt Centric project included sourcing objects and accessories to be displayed in the hotel's magnificent lobby and creating artwork for all of the hotel's public spaces- main entrance, corridors and elevator halls. 

The displayed art explores how our modern conceptions of culture and humanity define the values of people and societies. It is a materialization of abstraction and figurative elements which attempts to capture the dignity and beauty of the human form and of our planet.

This project was a collaboration between YC Visuals and artist Fanny Allié.

LT Bar & Grill

LT Br & Grill is an American restaurant owned by a renowned Michelin star Chef, located in Hackensack NJ.

The project included custom-made paintings and textile work that were installed throughout the two-level 15,000-square-foot space. We sourced objects for the shelving and hand-picked all restroom accessories. 

Our intention here was to infuse a Mediterranean feel through the vibrancy of colors of the paintings, the choice of objects on display and the verity of materials (copper, wood and ceramic).

This project was a collaboration between YC Visuals and artist Fanny Allié.

Scarpetta - Tokyo 

Scarpetta Tokyo is the first Italian restaurant in Tokyo from New York.

YC Visuals created a costume made large scale painting to be displayed in the dinning area. The client was looking to add a hint of NYC vibes to the interior design of the store. The painting was done in our Brooklyn based studio and was shipped to Japan for installation. 

Bright earthy tones were used to welcome patrons with harmony and warmth. Layers of expressive brush strokes and contrast dripping colors creating a sensory effect, revealing traces of memory within a sensual feminine shape. Drawing inspiration from New York City’s burgeoning Jazz Noir scene, giving off positive energy, rhythm and la scarpetta, reminding the diners to indulge in their food as a way to feed the soul.

Let’s create a beautiful space.