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LT Bar & Grill

LT Br & Grill is an American restaurant owned by a renowned Michelin star Chef, located in Hackensack NJ.

This project was a collaboration between YC Visuals and NYC based artist Fanny Allié.

We created original paintings and textile work and installed them for display throughout the two-level 15,000-square-foot space. We sourced objects for the shelvings and hand picked all restroom accessories.

Our intention here was to infuse a Mediterranean feel through the vibrancy of colors of the paintings, the choice of objects on display and the verity of materials (copper, wood and ceramic). A reference to nature, between water and vegetation, abstracted shapes reminiscent of the colors of light, earth and its elements. Throughout the depiction of nature and abstracted landscapes in the artwork, there are signs of human activities and figures.

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